our packaging

Here at Gymology we are dedicated to providing the best quality food, and to do that, we need to package, seal, transport in suitable packaging.  Our meal containers also need to be suitable for microwave heating.

We are also conscious of our responsibility to the environment which is why we have sourced, what we feel is the best solution for our food. We've spared no expense!


Our containers are BPA free (non toxic), 100%  curbside recyclable, so yes, you can put them in your plastic recycling bins. They are also tough enough to used over and over again.

The outer CoolTec packaging is the best space-efficient format to reduce carbon emissions in the delivery process, as well as it all being re-usable and recyclable too.

food wastage

Our systems and processes are getting better and better as we expand but there is always an inevitable element of food that becomes unaccounted for. For that reason we have teamed up with the Audacious Foundation - a fantastic team who give a great deal of their time and energy to helping those in need - particularly school children you often go without much needed nourishment.

'Our vision is for a care system that has positive outcomes for children, families, members of staff, and managers. We aim to transform residential care by promoting emotional wellbeing throughout the organisation, ensuring that our children’s home is a place where all who live and work there can thrive in a safe and loving family environment. '

Chantelle Short (The Audacious Foundation)

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