which plan is for me?

We don't have a set menu! That’s the beauty of us, all our meals are freshly created week by week and we send you a variety of meals depending on your preference choices (selected when ordering).


All designed around our popular lifestyle plans +BUILD+BALANCE and –BURN. Here’s what we have on offer:

High protein

high carbs

The general rule of thumb while bulking or building muscle is to take on board more calories than the body is using. These meals are designed to do just that, a larger portion packed full of protein, carbohydrates and good fats to help promote and develop muscle growth and improve endurance.

High protein

medium carbs


These meals are designed to help maintain your current body composition whilst fuelling your healthy lifestyle and helping recovery.


A more equal ratio of protein and carbohydrates to maintain your physique and current weight.

High protein

low carbs


These meals are specifically aimed at individuals trying to lose fat and tone up. Designed to have a lower calorie intake but still give you enough to feel satisfied. Meals are high in protein and nutrients, as well as being low in carbohydrates to preserve lean muscle and fuel the fat burn.

We offer vegetarian and vegan in all of the above plans if you are looking for a plant-based plan. A great way to refresh your body. Select your +Build, =Balance or –Burn plan and later select our vegetarian or vegan option.

our prices

Along with the three meal types; +BUILD, =BALANCE and –BURN our meals come in two sizes; regular and large.


The difference between regular and large is simply portion size. Regular is perfect for lunch or smaller appetites and the large portion is ideal for an evening meal to fulfil your healthy appetite and stop any evening snacking.

Our Quality


We are very proud of the quality of our food and service. We source the finest ingredients so our meals are the freshest and tastiest they can be - we always prefer to go for the more expensive cuts of meat. We pride ourselves on supporting our suppliers by sourcing all our ingredients as locally as possible,


Our chefs then plan, prepare, cook and pot every single one of our dishes before sending them on their way to you.


The feedback we get is always amazing and we're sure you'll agree too.

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